One great reason to varnish is to restore your oil painting to its wet appearance. This makes the colors richer and the surface glossy as it was when it was first applied.

The most important reason to varnish an oil painting is to protect the surface. Dust and grime can accumulate on the surface of paintings over time, especially if a painting hangs in a smoky environment. The protective layer of varnish can be removed to restore the painting to its original look.

As an oil painting dries, the surface may not end up with a uniform sheen. Over time, they can “sink in” to the surface of the canvas which causes colors to dull a bit and the darks to become slightly foggy. Varnishing eliminates this.

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Free Cleaning and Varnish to my Collectors

If you purchase a painting from me, you have a lifetime guarantee of free cleanings and reapplication of a varnish. Please contact me if your work ever starts to appear dull, uneven, or dirty.