2nd Place Award Winner!

2nd Place for Dulce Memoria |Member Show 2023 Winner| What a wonderful surprise! I took part in the TOAA (Thousand Oaks Art Association) Member Show Nov 2-28, 2023, and was...

Why Varnish?

One great reason to varnish is to restore your oil painting to its wet appearance. This makes the colors richer and the surface glossy as it was when it was...

Who is Omar d’León?

Blog Post – 04.20.2022   | Who is Omar d’León? | After our fateful meeting at an Easter dinner gathering in 1994 in Camarillo, CA, Omar and I have come to know...

Omar & Andrea 2007

Mentorship with Omar d’León

Blog Post – 02.07.2019   | Mentorship with Omar d’León | At an Easter dinner gathering in 1994 in Camarillo, CA, I shook hands with Omar d’León for the first time. We...

Los Angeles Times-2019

Blog Post – 01.08.2019  | Los Angeles Times Article: Andrea Yomtob | “Her creations , which blend scenes of everyday life with fantastical elements of mythology and symbolism, are punctuated...

Ventura County Star – 2011

Blog Post – 04.21.2011   | Ventura County Star Newspaper Article | “Omar has been a real influence on me.  It’s not just his painting, but his words give more than...

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