Omar & Andrea 2007

Mentorship with Omar d’Leon

Blog Post – 02.07.2019   | Mentorship with Omar d’Leon | ABOUT OMAR At an Easter dinner gathering in 1994 in Camarillo, CA, I shook hands with Omar d’Leon for the first...

Los Angeles Times-2019

Blog Post – 01.08.2019  | Los Angeles Times Article: Andrea Yomtob | “Her creations , which blend scenes of everyday life with fantastical elements of mythology and symbolism, are punctuated...

Acrylic/Ink Technique

Blog Post – 09.30.2018   | My illustration art technique & Process | LINE WORK I scan my pencil sketches into the computer where I work further with composition, scale, etc....

SCBWI Portfolio Showcase 2018

Blog Post – 08.06.2018   | SCBWI 47th Annual Summer Conference – Portfolio Showcase – 2018 | I’ve attended conferences in the past, but this was my first time entering my illustration...

Ventura County Star – 2011

Blog Post – 04.21.2011   | Ventura County Star Newspaper Article | “Omar has been a real influence on me.  It’s not just his painting, but his words give more than...

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