Nov 12 – Dec 20, 2020 | Monterey, CA

|27th Annual Miniatures|

Virtual Online Catalog: Thursday, November 12, 2020 


Celebrate the local community of artists and Museum Members who have generously donated their original artworks in support of the Monterey Museum of Art. Andrea Yomtob will have one painting in the virtual exhibit titled Paciencia (Patience) (pictured below).

Paciencia (Patience), 5x7in, oil & wax on canvas


Visit and click on the link for the Virtual Catalog. View the high-resolution images of all 155 Miniatures. Click on the image to donate in support of that piece and enter for a chance to add that piece to your personal collection. Fill out the form with your information. Repeat for every piece you want to support!

All proceeds raised in connections with Miniatures provide vital support for exhibitions and programming at MMA, especially needed during this global pandemic.

Monterey Museum Of Art 559 Pacific Street, Monterey, California

Blog Post – 01.08.2019 

| Los Angeles Times Article: Andrea Yomtob |

“Her creations , which blend scenes of everyday life with fantastical elements of mythology and symbolism, are punctuated by the use of rich and bold colors. ” 

-David Laurell (Reporter at LA Times) – 01.09.2019
Click on Los Angeles Times text above to see the article online
I have the pleasure of exhibiting my work at Gallery 839 in Burbank, CA (The Animation Guild). Here is a newspaper article written by David Laurell, whom I had the pleasure of speaking with at my opening exhibit on January 4, 2019. This article speaks about my work, the oil & wax art technique passed onto me by Nicaraguan artist, Omar d’Leon, and the success of the exhibit. 
Pictures of the EXHIBIT seen below:

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